Change-over plan of SCHURTER
SCHURTER has approximately 80 product families affected to the change of the standards. To guarantee the seamless availability for our customers, we communicate the changes as easy as possible and on time before October 2017. 
Roadmap to change the products
SCHURTER has planed the adaption of the products and its requalifying and is currently deploying it. Similar products are joined into several groups. The overview of the changes is done in the product groups and communicated with a flag. This information is found on the SCHURTER website and is keep up to date.

Communication plan
  1. Products are joined into groups and indexed Ax to Z.

    Screenshot SCHURTER Website Catalog

    Extract of Status Information at productoverview

  2. The order number of the products are not touched. Therefore manufactures using our products do not have to change the approvals.

  3. The communication of the change of the standards will be done via product change notification PCN:
Step 1:
The information about the changes of the approvals can be seen in the product overviews for Fuseholder Blocks and Closed Fuseholders  as well as for Power Entry Modules without Filter and Power Entry Modules with Filter.
The following flags are used:
- open: The conversion work is in preparation
- wip: The examinations are carried out and the individual product variants are in conversion
- ready: The conversion of a product type has successfully been concluded 
- n.a.: There will be no Change
The conversion period for each product type is communicated with a PCN to the sales channels. Within this period the individual product variants of a product type will be adjusted.


PCN information about conversion period

Step 2:
As soon as the individual product variants are converted in production they can be found in the synoptic table. Here as well the Batch-Date of the production for the new delivered configuration is listed. 
Overview change in production of the product variants

This Batch-Date is also printed on the packing label (as part of the information of the barcode). By that, one can visually identify the products in the packing, that are produced and approved using the new standard. With the barcode it is also easy to read out the Batch-Date information into a warehouse management system.


Batch-Date on a packing label

After the change of the certificate, the fulfillment of the standard is shown in the product overview with the status "ready" and in the datasheet with the actual approval certificate and the new standard reference with the suffix "Edition 2.0".

   Information on a datasheet regarding the approval

Additional information
With this plan we believe to give you the best support to enable you to adapt this change of the standards without limitations. SCHURTER will be responsible to make the offered products available on time.
We also like to recommend you to check our general product information fuse holders for detailed information on how to choose and the right model and how to prove it.

For further information do not hesitate to contact one of our competent sales partners. 


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