New standard for fuseholders IEC 60127-6

The international standard IEC 60127-6 for fuseholders has been reworked to improve the fire protection. Following the edition 2.0 all fuseholders sold after October 2017 have to ensure the new requirements.       

What's new in IEC 60127-6 Edition 2.0

The requirements for the improved standard are following the already established ones for Household and similar electrical appliances IEC 60335-1. They require a higher glow-wire resistance for unattended electrical appliances. Tests with built in fuseholders showed a major impact to the heat and the fire development depending on the mounting position. This was the major input for the new test requirements in the reworked standard for fuseholders IEC 60127-6 Edition 2.0. SCHURTER has published the White Paper Fuseholder standard where the changes are documented in detail.

Glow wire testing according to IEC 606925-2-12 und -13

The glow wire tests are done according IEC 606925-2-12 und -13. In general
glow wire testing is used to evaluate flammability of non-metallic materials supporting current carrying connections used within the appliance. For a more detailed overview of the testing method see the White Paper Components and IEC 60335-1

Consequences of the changes for manufactures of electric equipement

The manufactures have to ensure to follow the given standards. To qualify a new or requalify an existing appliance one have to declare the use of fuse holders following the IEC 60127-6 Edition 2.0 standard.

Conversion schedule October 2017

The IEC 60127-6 standard is actually in a transition phase. It will end per October 2017. From there on only new fuse holders proved the IEC 60127-6 Edition 2 standard are accepted.

Therefore all manufactures of certificated fuse holders are obliged to requalify the existing or qualify new products until October 2017 with new IEC 60127-6 Edition 2 standard and to only sell fuse holders following the new standards.


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