SCHURTER offers the broadest range of fuseholders worldwide. The security relevant devices for holding cartridge fuses, sub-miniature and miniature fuses in electric and electronic hardware are designed as blocks and clips, open and closed.

SCHURTER also offers fuse holders designed as fuse drawers, used in Power Entry Modules with or without EMC-Filter to ensure an easy and safe power supply to your devices. 


examples from the broad range of fuse holders by SCHURTER

Different types of fuse holders are offered to match the diverse needs of your application. Nevertheless all fuse holders are proved to fulfill the established safety requirements.

All SCHURTER products are tested by national and international testing institutions to fulfill standards or other generally recognized rules of technology. Their certification and approval-marks confirm the observance of the safety requirements which electric appliances must fulfill.

We have collected an overview of used standards, testing requirements and examples to demonstrate the selection of the right fuse holders into a general product information.

        Technical features and benefits:

  • Holders for a wide range of diverse fuses

  • Variants to use on SMD or THT and as panel mount

  • Screw-in, snap-in, soldered or mountable on DIN-Rail

  • Models are standing or lying or are designed as drawer or as clip

  • Compact designs even for high power consumption

  • IP protected referred to IEC 60529 against the ingress of water and solid objectives and against electric shock (against direct contact with live parts)

  • Categories of protection against contact according IEC 60127-6

  • Our broad knowledge is available to support you to choose the right fuseholders also in terms of power consumption and operating temperatures


SCHURTER is a leading innovator and manufacturer of passive und active electronic components ensuring the clean and safe supply of power and ease of use of equipment.


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